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Video guide of European Grand Prix was developed

Video guide of European Grand Prix was developed

Müəllif: Rəhim N.Əliyev, baş redaktor

10:31 - 19 May, 2016

Preparation to European Grand Prix that will be held in our country at this year continues rapidly. Video guide on the intended line configuration of race was translated into the English language after the Russian translation.

Line streets developed by Hermann Tilken, historical monuments in these streets, sightseeing will be interested by the visited tourists too. Development of video clip was made by technical support of Media Monitoring Center and informational support of www.F-1.az. Video was sounded by speakers of Formula 1 races Siyavush Aliyev and Rahim Aliyev at the Sport Azerbaijan channel…

Siyavush Aliyev said: “We wanted to contribute to the forthcoming race via this video clip. We visited every inch of highway, we felt ourselves as the drivers and as the fans. I think it was not bad and everyone will love it”.

Rahim Aliyev said: “In fact, we prepared this video for foreign colleague; it means for the announcers of foreign television channels, that’s why we translated it to the Russian and English languages. Let the announcers be aware of our historical monuments and also inform the fans in front of the TV during the race…”

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